Camden Town perfect jeans

Coming to London I've heard people saying that this city is perfect for shopping, it's quite cheap and of course, they sell basically everything. But somehow, I couldn't make myself to go to busy Oxford Street to face up to all those tourists carrying Primark and H&M bags and being, let's be honest, rude when you kindly want to persue going through all the clothes in the shop. However, there are so many other places I love going (cheeky sneak peek on what kind of posts are coming up on the blog soon hihi), even to feel their vibe and relish every little hidden shop and talking to people selling the stuff and, well, what can I say, I'm just hibernating myself with the lond-ish ambience haha. These pictures where shot in Camden Town, one of the must visit spots if you happen to be in the city. You have that East London atmosphere there, crazy people and if you continue going stainght on, you'll bump into the best food place ever - Camden Food Market, where (no exaggerations) you'll buy every dish you could possibly imagine. And yeah, vintage shops! The outfit I'm wearing is all no name, which is exacly what I've been looking for for such a long time. The jumper was a treasure found in Notting Hill little shop with original local brans stuff being sold there, and the shoes & jeans became my faves just a minute after trying them on in one of vintage Camden spots. For me clothes should have their story, I feel so much better knowing where I bought every piece I have, it's like having memories worn on your own body, isn't it?

(wearing: vintage jeans, shoes & jumper, Primark bag)


Colourful beach houses

Brighton has been on my Neverending List of Things To Be Done In London since the very beginning. Some people would tell me it's not worth going, that it's quite boring and only the clubs there seem alluring (which wasn't to be experienced by me anyway since I planned to come back in the evening) but the only thing I thought about was to hang around with people I love spending my free time with on the beack and take some pictures near those colourful beach houses I know so well from Brighton's famous vloggers videos. For the occasion I went for the golden crochet dress I took pictures in some time ago, but this time I styled it more casually, with a loose coat and my favourite trainers. Hope you like it! xx

Brighton było na mojej obszernej liście miejsc do odwiedzenia podczas pobytu w Londynie od początku. Niektórzy zniechęcali mnie, mówiąc że to drugi Londyn, tylko odrobinę mniejszy, inni chwalili kluby (których przecież, ze względu na jednodniowy pobyt, i tak nie mogłam uświadczyć), jeszcze inni mówili, że jest nudne. A ja chciałam po prostu posiedzieć na plaży ze świeżą lemoniadą, otoczona osobami, z którymi czas mija mi szybciej niż nakazuje zegarek i zobaczyć kolorowe domki, tak dobrze mi znane z filmików Zoelli i reszty vlogerów z tej okolicy. Do zdjęć wybrałam złotą sukienkę, którą już kiedyś Wam pokazywałam i ulubiony płaszcz, zasłaniając przy okazji czerwoną od słońca twarz okularami. Miłego weekendu ! :)
PS. Więcej o samym mieście mam w planach opowiedzieć Wam przy innej okazji!

(wearing: Sheinside dress, Pimkie shoes, H&M coat)


Notting Hill palms

It all feels just so good. Being able to walk in those Notting Hill streets every single day, getting to know local people and even answering pointless How are you? every time they spot familiar face. I got used to living here, smiling just after a quick glance at the cute little houses, buying figs and dates from street market and making little dots on London's map, trying to visit as many places as possible. I'm planning on writing more about my favourite places in here, but for now, let me just introduse the newest pictures, shot in a little hidden open garden where I sometimes go just to read a book or use the open air gym. As you can see, I've been obsessed about oversize these days. Bell-bottoms seemed a perfert combination with my newest treasure - the simplest COS tee. I've written about it some time ago already but while my stay in London I really forgot about usual sales time, spending my money on clothes seems even a bit surreal right now. I just feel like I want to buy just a few things here, but I want them to be high quality, to have their story (like those treasures found in vintage shops, as long as they don't cost more than stuff in Harrods, for God's sake). I'm pretty sure I'm gonna wear them more often and be happier, being able to lock my suitcase whlist packing back home. 

(ph. Iga Wysocka, wearing: COS tee, sh pants H&M shoes, sunnies bought in Portobello vintage shop)


Millenium bridge

Whoever had a proper childhood and watched Harry Potter movies knows that place - Millenium Bridge. This is one of my three favourite areas in London (a.k.a. the most beautiful city in the world), where you can have the best view on st. Paul's cathedral, pop in to see some great artpieces in Tate Modern and have a walk by Thames riverside (recommended at night). Hovewer, shooting pictures there was harder than I expected - so many people passing by all the time that a minute when there was nobody in the background could be called a miracle. I feel a bit touristy wearing that Notting Hill Shopping bag everybody buys on Portobello Market, but since I'm a Notting Hill gurl, who cares? It still is the comfiest way to throw all my stuff in a huge shopper, including a camera, used tissues, four lipsticks and a lunch, just to eat it with a view on Tower Bridge and business skysrapers. 

(wearing: DeeZee shoes, bought on Portobello Road market bag, Mohito sunnies, Atmosphere dress)