Nike huarache and maxi sweater

It's been a long time since I last was so happy with the result of the pictures shot for the blog. It's probably because I tend to post a little less than usually these days, but still it always makes me fell over the moon when I'm able to share an article with you. This outfit kind of perfectly illustrates what allures me in fashion recently - less femine, rather 90's, Celine-kind-of-aesthetics looks with a twist. Also, I couldn't forget to mention these shoes. I've been hunting to buy them for about six months since they were out of stock in every possible store. So, Nike Huarache, you're mine babes! White and a bit normcore, they match my every look and even though (baby) it's cold outside I I put them on and on every day. The coat is my brother's winter outwear and I felt like it gives the sweater-dress a little fancy touch, so here we go, my way of being non-femine but still feeling more femine than usually :)

Dawno już nie byłam tak zadowolona ze zdjęć na bloga. Chyba radość z efektów funkcjonuje odwrotnie proporcjonalnie do częstotliwości moich sesji, która ostatnimi czasy, zdaję sobie z tego sprawę, jest żałośnie mała. A dzisiaj mam na sobie zestaw świetnie obrazujący, co mnie od jakiegoś czasu najbardziej pociąga w modzie. Zabawa proporcjami, trochę zarzucenie kobiecości na rzecz normcore'owych butów sportowych (które próbowałam gdzieś dostać od pół roku, Nike Huarache w końcu moje!) i sukienki-swetra do ziemi z golfem . Estetyka minimalizmu Celine i lat 90, ot co. Z racji na fakt jak bardzo zimno już jest (halo, mamy prawie grudzień!) zarzuciłam na to kurtkę puchówkę brata, która kojarzy mi się z kolekcjami polskich projektantów MMC Studio sprzed kilku lat i ich zimowymi okryciami wierzchnimi, dość futurystycznymi i na pewno ciepłymi.

Co do spraw bieżących, marna ze mnie blogerka, bo na Black Friday kupiłam cztery książki, zamiast wora ubrań. Ale może dzięki temu będę mogła przekazać Wam tutaj trochę ciekawszych treści, do usłyszenia! :)


oh why so dark

You know I don't really wear black. So today, I'm almost total dark, except my hair and my granny's blazer. This is not that I'm changing my rules (no-black gurl talking to ya), but I discovered I feel really good wearing black from time to time, just to kill my inner happy child vibe and pretend I'm actually an adult (say whaat?!). Forgive me if I look boring or seem to be jaded with life on the pictures. But maybe it's a little bit of everything, huh. #I'mNotANovemberPerson #GimmieSunshine 

wearing: Banana Republic top, vintage blazer, Zara shoes, Primark pants


Autumn blues

If there was anything I'd love about autumn I would go for the sweaters. I mean, what can be better than pumpkin flavoured coffee and a huge, comfy sweter, the bigger the more happy I feel? You know how much I hate this time of the year, like seriously, rain, really wind, come on, I wanna go outside! But (I'm not pretty sure if I'm being myself right now so forgive me if tommorrow I'll reverse to type and cry over peanut butter sandwich just like that) I think I've recently learnt to find the bright side of everything. Just like the sweater I'm wearing on the pictures. Just looking at it makes me smile like a kiddo. I exacly remember the day I bought it, It was a hot midday in London, just before my departure back home. Mercedes, my friends from Mexico and I went vintage shopping and ended up in one of the biggest vitage boutiques points in the world - Brick Lane. God, these shops, the people, the music, the smell, everything! I actually forgot about the purchase since there was no need to wear such attire (imma hot gurl, lol) but now when I found it and the weather is just... sweater, I can do nothing but wear it every day. It reminds me of american movies from the 90's (which I'm totally madly crazy about, spice girls on point!) but since I wanted to play it a little bit more girly, I put on a scarf, which is like a perfect detail to add a parisian touch to your outfit. Go on people, wear those sweaters and it's less than two months until Christmas :)

wearing: vintage sweater & scarf, Zara shoes, Topshop skirt